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  • Quace Solar Flower Random Colors Set of 4

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    • Meant for ambient lighting only, does not solve the purpose of brightly illuminating the garden
    • SOLAR POWERED TULIP PATH LIGHT - Path light designed to look like a beautiful tulip flower, but also provide you with light where ever you decide to place it with no cost to your budget with solar ECO friendly powered efficiency. Ideally used for paths, gardens, yards, flowerbeds and patios.
    • RANDOM COLOUR - One product will be shipped with a colour picked at random from white, red, purple, blue, pink, green, orange and yellow.
    • AUTOMATIC ON/OFF - After the first time you turn the lights on, they will automatically turn on and off in sync with the sunrise and sunset. Easy set up, just turn them on and put them in your desired location and let the sun do its work. Each light contains a 13000MCD LED that glows brightly.
    • SELF SUFFICIENT/LOW COST - There's no additional strain on your budget with solar power, quickly recover the cost of your lights! These environmental friendly lights have an IP44 rating.