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  • Quace 4 LED PIR Motion Sensor Stick On Solar LED Light

    599.00 499.00
    • [ EASY-TO-USE ] Construction-grade adhesive means its easy-to-use. Just peel it and stick. The adhesive is water and snow-resistant for outdoor usage.
    • [ Cost-Efficient ]The built-in solar panels recharges the unit during the day and lights on for 12 hours during night time.
    • [ Motion-Sensor ]It automatically turns on when it detects movement nearby and lights off when movement walks out of sensor range.
    • [ Clean ]Since this light is solar-powered, and the bulbs are LED-constructed, this outdoor lighting system is cost-efficient and environment-friendly.
    • [ Innovation ]This light sticks to virtually any surface. Use it to light up dark corners of your home, from patios to garages.